perjantaina, elokuuta 16, 2013

Yleisurheilukisoja avaamassa

Kävin avaamassa lauantaina 17.8 yleisurheilun pohjoismaiset nuorten mestaruuskisat ja nelimaaottelun. Pidin puheen englanniksi, koska se on kisojen virallinen "järjestelykieli".

Mukana oli yli 300 urheilijaa ja yli 100 talkootyuöntekijää. Itselleni tuli uusia kokemuksia ja oppia tulevaisuuteen. 

Nordic Junior Athletics Championships U20
and Nordic Junior Match U20
17.-18.8.2013 Espoo, Finland 

Ladies and Gentlemen, 
it is my very great privilege to welcome you all to Espoo. Welcome to Leppävaara Stadium teams and spectators!
During this week we have been watching the world championships in Moscow. Athleties have offer us great moments, excitement, loss and gain. All the aspects of sports. Hopefully here in Espoo happens the same. Good luck to all competitors!
As you might know this Competition is arranged by three athletics clubs: Espoon Tapiot, Esbo IF and Leppävaaran Sisu. These clubs have a long history of arranging different competitions and events together. I want to thank these three clubs and all people who make this event possible.
Finally Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to thank you all for participating in this event. I am sure this will be an excellent event for all participants. I declare open the Nordic Junior athletics championships and Nordic junior match.
Thank you!

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